When the thyroid gland is not functioning appropriately or does not produce enough hormones, Synthroid (levothyroxine) is a hormone-replacement drug that assists you to control metabolic rate and energy levels. This medicine could be used to treat and avoid enlarged thyroid glandular and hypothyroidism. Some health care disorders could affect the efficiency of this medicine or cause risky negative effects. These include a history of cardiovascular disease, anemia, diabetic issues, adrenal or pituitary glands issue, history of embolism, heart disease, and coronary canal condition. If you are taking insulin or diabetic issues medicine, your amount of Synthroid will really need to be adjusted. Any kind of various other medications you are taking, featuring prescribed and over the counter kinds, as well as mineral supplements, vitamins and natural preparations are to be stated to your heath treatment supplier to stop controlled substance interactions from occurring.

Synthroid is FDA maternity classification A - it is definitely secure for breastfeeding and pregnant ladies. Synthroid does pass in to bust milk it has not been stated to have an effect on the wellness of a nursing infant. The most common adverse effects of this medicine is mild hair thinning. You really need to go over with your medical professional possible risks when taking this medicine for a lengthy time - for occasion, bone reduction that could result in weakening of bones.

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